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Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms.

About Us

Dedicated Instructors and Staff

 With over 130 years of military and law enforcement combat experience we pride our selves and the techniques and training we offer. Our founders include Navy SEAL, Expeditionary, Military Law Enforcement, Weapons and Tactics Instructors as well as our instructor staff of decorated U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy and civilian First Responders. 

Adaptive Evolutions


We're an independent, Veteran owned business that prides itself in a constant evolution of adaptive training.  

We strive to provide the most update and realistic training in order to provide confidence to the firearms user.

Our goal is to ensure your safety in all areas of firearm use.

Your willingness to learn and employ the proper techniques in using your firearm is what we provide each student.

Mission Statement

 In today’s uncertain times, our mission is to provide security-consulting and self-defense training services for the improvement of safety and protection of our assets. We firmly strongly believe that our customers are our greatest assets, and we are dedicated in providing the highest quality of services possible to meet their needs. Black Sheep Training Group, LLC is comprised of skilled and talented professionals who understand all aspects of training; from firearms and personal self-defense, to Homeland Security Protection and Anti-Terrorism techniques that benefit all. Our team is unparalleled because of due to our hands on experience as professional federal, military, and local law enforcement officers. 


Our founders had a desire to ensure that after 9-11 our Brothers and Sisters had the proper training to ensure they could not only protect the bases, but themselves as well. Military police officers or Security Forces had to change their perspective of security thinking. A former Navy SEAL , Navy Expeditionary plank owner and Small Arms Instructor developed training programs that increased mindset and training of the average Sailor and Civilian who was responsible for protecting the military infrastructure.  We were not comfortable with basic training and began developing new and advanced programs that challenged a members way of thinking. Using techniques from a variety of training we developed programs that thought "outside the box". Our vision was to one day pass this knowledge on to those that support their right to defend themselves safely and effectively. We have proven that any person with proper training can have the tactical advantage over their enemy. Don't be a victim. Allow our programs to teach or enhance your knowledge base of firearms and tactics.

Programs Offered

Basic Courses

Defense Courses

Defense Courses

We offer Basic Pistol and Rifle course for the beginner. Safe and proper handling and operation. These courses are designed to instruct and develop good safe habits.

Defense Courses

Defense Courses

Defense Courses

Our Defensive Courses are designed for those with a basic knowledge and operation. We offer Defensive Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. We apply a real world application in a defensive environment.

Maintenance and Reloading

Maintenance and Reloading

Maintenance and Reloading

Our maintenance course is designed for the proper maintenance and service of AR platforms. 

The Reloading course offers training on the proper knowledge of equipment to allow for a safe and proper process of reloading cartridges. 

Private Lessons

Maintenance and Reloading

Maintenance and Reloading

Want to learn in private? We offer private one-on-one training to build your confidence with one of our instructors. Applying basic principles taught to prepare you safely and at your own pace.

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